Change Management

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Workshop This 1-day workshop on Building Values Consensus is designed so that leaders will be able to:
  • Examine and assess the current values of the organization
  • Identify value aspirations or future value goals
  • Recognize gaps between current and desired states
  • Understand the difference between personal and organizational values
Other workshops on change management topics are also available. The Convergence Consulting Group also does change management consulting.
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Course In this 5-day program you will learn to:
  • Tackle a current change challenge from your work
  • Explore rigorous inquiry and experimentation as drivers of successful change
  • See an emergent process of creation which fuels innovation and successful results
  • Discover the pivotal role of the Director with respect to change
  • Clarify the result you're being asked to produce, and define what is needed to increase the likelihood of achieving that result
  • Create and maintain ensemble (a way of interacting beyond team) and know the implications to your change efforts when ensemble isn't there
  • Recognize your own "immunity to change," the impact it has on you, and begin to shift your immunity to achieve greater success
  • Use a highly intentional, skillful rehearsal process to build mastery, adapt in the moment, and enhance your ultimate "change performance"
Scholarships are available for non-profit leaders.
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The Non-Profit Sector Link - Wood Buffalo promotes workshops, webinars and lunch-and-learn sessions on a variety of topics including business plans and change. Northeast Click to visit website
Workshop Communicating Change: Learn how to leverage communication as a critical vehicle for enabling change in an organization. Use what you will learn in this one day session to validate your thinking, develop your communication strategy or get feedback and input as part of this hands-on workshop. Provincial Click to visit website